A note-

It is wildly irresponsible to tell people to “go get therapy” especially in the dismissive manner in which this phrase is often used.

There are a myriad of reasons why people don’t or can’t get therapy, and the number of people whose reason is that they don’t believe they need it,is dwindling.

Now you more often meet someone who has tried and encountered bad therapists, people who can’t access therapy due to income ,and other factors….

including the very natural mistrust in health professionals.

Those who don’t believe they need it are just as important to note here as well.

Mental health is not taken seriously enough, and because of this many people have normalized the result of their mental illness as personality traits.

A final note,

the state of the states we live in promote mental instability- we don’t live in a mentally safe or contributive society.

Please, when approaching another’s behavior, and your response to it,


access to healthcare is still not free nor easy for many to receive.

Have grace.


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