Wall of Fire

She has two sides I assume that we all do One a sweet angel And one to destroy you I ask your demons out to play while angels dance on embers happily Strategically and whimsically Spinning with gallantry Forged by fire and cooled by rain I am light and darkness In-Sane. -Ama Rose🌹


A bit of butter for slaughter

Adios amor

My love surrounds my lovers with no restraint or pain and I find that maybe I’ve been loving with no restraint while those who return this love… restrain Look at me in gain and invite my spirit to read there’s and hear that I am too much I have tried changing the robust nature of…


My home has blue skies. Ceilings made of grand design and in her prime she shines and warms me from the outside Inside My home is a heartbeat away, and when I wake she greets me with life’s bread Water Breath to breathe she gives and when I heave she reminds me to leave My…

Raps at midnight

Raises hand unabashedly while still feeling a bit abashed by what’s happs. Howls and congrats to democracies leaden faps Let’s go line a bay that a devile galliumafrey’d on Ain’t got no shade on I’m a palm tree but… Digging up my roots and exposing them to seed is disintegrating need in a vessel to…