I won’t be held to schedules Regular depictions of being, existing outside of choice I am the manifestation of potentials archons-seconds upon servings of serving ministers ushering their lives into being, saying Dance. And be something A minstrel show I no longer know as I stare upon the black bodies still swinging after the holiday…

Value is inherent

because value is innate , anything with “perceived” value can be reduced to having no value, when value is conflated with quantifiable/perceivable things, by those who perceive.

Wall of Fire

She has two sides I assume that we all do One a sweet angel And one to destroy you I ask your demons out to play while angels dance on embers happily Strategically and whimsically Spinning with gallantry Forged by fire and cooled by rain I am light and darkness In-Sane. -Ama Rose🌹


Fight the power, be the light