Wall of Fire

She has two sides I assume that we all do One a sweet angel And one to destroy you I ask your demons out to play while angels dance on embers happily Strategically and whimsically Spinning with gallantry Forged by fire and cooled by rain I am light and darkness In-Sane. -Ama Rose🌹


A bit of butter for slaughter

Raps at midnight

Raises hand unabashedly while still feeling a bit abashed by what’s happs. Howls and congrats to democracies leaden faps Let’s go line a bay that a devile galliumafrey’d on Ain’t got no shade on I’m a palm tree but… Digging up my roots and exposing them to seed is disintegrating need in a vessel to…

#Magweek13 🙂

Tonight!!! #Magweek13