No you don’t

Said mind

Throat choked and stomach dropped

Eyes rolled in their socks

Shocked silence surrounds sinning saints



Eyes scream,wide,loud.

Body still.

Throat convulsed.

A choking sound gurgled past the dam of a nation without walls..

Loose Af.

The cannon master left orange dust on the dessert grounds and I left you to be sweet


Toes curl in anticipation of flight

Wings attempt to burst from skin disintegrating caution and finding purchase in pained screams

Blood flows in rivulets down cloaked backs

Hiding sheer agony in a grin that doesn’t reach the Duchenne, and their brains…

Are purchasing body cons.

A long one, where fries find thighs and drill divots inside.

My body

My soul

Which do I feed? and if it is true that I am whole

Then who are you?

Why do I feel I need you when you grasp strands of the antagonistic brain I fed you

And blended it for me

Beat this face she said

And he left rain drops and pin pricks of grand design


I’m alone in a room

It’s just

Me and me

So,who’s all tired out, if it isn’t my destiny? Maybe

Grabbing coat tails by the entrails.

Smacking asses as donkeys grin plaintifully


You can take me to court and I won’t abort this implantation that you’ve given me

In short

Once upon a time on osmosis time a dime found purchase between the cracks of a lime

And your sour ass only saw Optimus prime

Not the pyramids or the crime



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