Rose’s ponder

I am not sure how I would define myself, and so I have given up trying.

It is a beautiful and abundant world we live in, full of information to explain the various phenomena surrounding us at all times.

Now, I find my world filled with permutations of pure joy and I recognize that most of this happiness is purely upheld by my willingness and eagerness to have a primary and fulfilling relationship with myself.

The more that I tune into my own guiding light and principles, the more that divinity chooses me as the vessel to exist within. I am free within living my truth,and in this freedom…granting and aiding others in discovering these truths for themselves.

One way or another, I find my type of ethical non monogamy to be wholly unrestrictive.

Live, out loud. Truthfully and adventurously. Whatever it is you choose to do, make it a hell yes instead of an okay I guess.

Living your greatest truth. This is the level I set for myself and those I am surrounding myself with. You must love,or be willing to learn to love, yourself.

Be willing and open.


Ama 🌹

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