DTR: Defining the relationship

Non monogamy does not equal a lack of intimate connections.

The issue is that we are given monogamy as the one option, and despite generations of cheating and divorce, it is still presented as the main and most wholesome-guaranteed to succeed, tried and true method.

In reality, monogamy is just one way to define and structure intimate connections among the abundant different ways that are possible. We live in a world with billions of people, the one size fits all method doesn’t and will never work without force,coercion and taboo/damning narratives.

The more we encourage and allow people to love themselves and live their own truths free of personal and public harm, we will see many ways of representing our relationships, even outside the spectrums that are already present (popular or otherwise)

Try not to forget that most of what you know is not learned through experience but simply taught to you with adamance. Listen to your own guiding system, ask questions, and try your best to do no harm.

-Ama 🌹

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