I am enough

I am worth it

I am building it

I am

Okay with myself if I never stop having moments of depression

because life is not about striving to achieve some elusive whole,

But rather an acceptance of the wholeness that you already are.

Remember Doctor Strange,

the mans body was still broken, yet his mind was able to keep him going, moving, and being.

In moments of depression the feeling of broken can appear

and the world may tell you that this is all you are and ever will be, this moment of fear,

and my dear..let’s be clear

You are the water, and the rain ,

the desserts sweet refrain

and the beauty in melanins glinting

Grinning from ear to ear I fear nothing.

No one.

I am the I am submerged in the body of it all, and I am the destruction of the earthquakes that make pathways , and I am a spiritual guide living in the guidance of the eternal original prominent goal…

I am whole.

Eternally yours, 🌹

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