My home has blue skies. Ceilings made of grand design and in her prime she shines and warms me from the outside


My home is a heartbeat away, and when I wake she greets me with life’s bread


Breath to breathe she gives and when I heave she reminds me to leave

My troubles behind

Biodegradable design my home is so fine

And kind

My home is beautiful , never to be carried or paid for

Experienced and gentle


Currency in skies plied with clouds raining down decisions made previously when a wind knocked a seed


She grows with me

Shows me seasons of majesty

And her tapestry makes me think and reflect on the derelict thought I think when on the brink of sinking

She sinks

She is the crashing wave and the calm right after

She splatters and patters

Burns and scatters thoughts…



And found


Her sound

I could listen forever through ears made of clever and weather

By her grand design

I am her,

My home

And she is me




(Terra Tapestry)

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