I’ve written verses and soliloquies to explain the way you feel to me

And the beats began to disintegrate as I grated

my hand across the page

Searching for a word to explain the pain. 

Instead, life played a game,

Lifestyles began to feel plain and I gathered a greater understanding of who I am.

Perfection living daintily in cracked streets, I, never felt fond of back attacks so I lacked the energy to pick anything up

Conversation used to fill me, and now I have bare sips in my cup.

  1. Disrupt your lusting for pain when it becomes a frequency
  2. Do whatever you can to live freely
  3. Save thee,happily

You, are most important, that spirit, that beautiful writhing self, never forsake you for less than.

You are great, and its okay to feel,lost,sad, and unsure

Just be sure

You get back up again.


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