I live in a house with a bird in a cage

 and its strange 


what strains does her amygdala play when her mind plucks the strings of realities game?

 Wrapped up inside bars, do her scars travel upward and enter my dreams, my psyche,my brain…

Are we entangled or deranged?

does she fight to get out? 

Stare fixedly for hours glowering out her telekinetic intentions and wishing for powers

Feel wings stretching with no blessing of wind caressing ,puts them down

Feathers clever but affixed to weather patterns in a mix of emotion and reaction to an outside she’s kinda missed

Forgetting mist dismissed the memory as wist- full of black box computations , complaints and concepts made from magical wishing

My digits click and shudder as the ether surrounding her dwelling quickened its heartbeat, anticipation neglecting sense she, flexed her wings gladly in salutations to the moon


And Then….

We flew out the window that night.



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