My My how time flies, watching clocks tick, and ripping wings off of butterflies. Sublime in sliding senselessly, restlessly, incessantly asking why, you are being so reckless with time….And, languishing in okay, laughing at the presidents antics as he drops bombs.

No longer feeling qualms with those waiting at borders, screaming wives with beating husbands begging the government please,

Don’t help us

You’re, feeding a greed for land treaties and sneed

and indeed, good thinking, no actions lead to reactions

no longer understanding our quest.

What goal are we fighting for with bodies, moles, and confusion?

*I’m perusing through the conversations being had in Oklahoma.*

Women stressing , bodies become prisons as a judge decides. Why are you hiding from your responsibility to see truth?

What is the contingency plan when things are THIS uncouth?

just tell me





*Right to choose?

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