What is your frequency…

What is your frequency…

Are you an injunction to your function?

Do you dial back your attack

As if you lack the essential hardware

An infarction of a faction lacking gumption

with an assumption

freak your functioning into failing

Heart attack

yell your ailing

Dis your ease and find yourself pleased to be a lock down

are you shocked now?

Fidgeting frantically with foes

finding fortitude in your function

linking loopholes

where is your access point?

arcing through the atmosphere?

a free flowing synapse, snapping tuition in recognition.

Currency flows never missing the mission.

Single minded vision with a collective prescription

I see your prism forming, oscillating your code .

creating currency cosmically

and glistening.

listen in to the mold

dont fold to the cold

Encode your destiny and sit in your reality.




This poem set to music, Live recording

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