We have been set adrift on a path we did not pick

Presidents being forced among protests

Blithering and blustering as they bully our boisterous ness away

I say
For all statistics naming the choice of a democratic nation,
I say.
3.5. Million votes
3/5ths compromise
I’m just saying

Are we still slaying ourselves in pieces

to count on a vote that leaves us out?

No doubt there’s something greater than this?
Make America great again?
Than I insist we stop bullying the people who resist.
Have to speak up for the dying principles of a nation built on dying bodies,  lies and persecution.
Just what,  are we improving?
I’ve got a new slogan.
Try again
Don’t lie again.
Grind the rue and gain something new.
Be something true,  no longer a thief in the night. .dissecting privelege and strife.
See America burning in pain
Of all these years past gain.
Let the tear drops rain
Washing and bathing the Earth a new again
Washing away borders and disorder until all that remains. everything we came from
And when we pass
Where our flesh will remain.

America was never great,  but one thing we CAN do

Is change.

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