Cherish Diversity

Relationships are hard..

Just think about the real dynamics when it comes to being with someone.

You are attempting to put two people with their own insecurities caused by their pasts and maybe even their time in the world currently together. All of the pre conceived notions are now placed next to another persons who may or may not agree with your view on the world

This is where people give up, when they realize that no relationship, no matter how much the two of you click , or whether its gay,straight,lesbian,transgender, NO relationship is easy. I don’t care how far long and hard you look you will never find a person who is “perfect” No one can be this perfect fictional cartoon that you have in your minds eye molded exactly to fit you.

Even if by some chance you actually fall in love with a person who likes all the same things you do and acts exactly like you. In my opinion, that’s not a relationship I would even wanna be in, when I date someone I want to learn from them, to see a different perspective on life. No, I cant say that I’ll change my life and agree with everything they say, I’m old enough to be pretty set in my lifestyle, but it’s nice appreciate the diversity of other people.

Some people cry a lot, some people never cry, some people find their joy in movies and music, while others find theirs in books and poetry. EVERYONE is different, but some people click in their indifference. THATS the essential idea, We as a people need to learn to cherish diversity, be open to change and the idea that EVERYBODY’S different and has something to offer. Learn to love people for the things that set them apart rather than chastising them for it.

People will get hurt, but at the end of the day would you rather get hurt in the pursuit of Love, or hide your heart in the fear that it MIGHT get broken?

Maybe the word weird just needs to be abolished, because theirs absolutely nothing strange about being an individual. When you learn that, then and only then will you be able to find true love. So if you enjoy picking up papers with your toes and singing carols in july, do that because there’s someone out there that will love you for it.

Cherish diversity, it builds a path to love that starts within and eventually sheds its light on others.

-Ama Rose

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