my heart plummets when you’re near

and it flies with joy and fear

my mind is still unclear

for what you’re doing here

but still, you instill in me a sense of peace

while still making my every nerve insist

on your touch, on your love..on a glance

from above

your height matches mine

not in exacts, but exact

its the simple fact that

i cant make your eyes escape my mind

do i want to?

to lose your gaze

god its got me fazed

no cuffin was the plan

but yo, you’re cuffable

you’re lovable

you’re everything im lookin fo’

without you’re arms im cold

without you’re touch im lost

and without you,

without you here

I’m less than me, I’m less than true

i guess ill admit

i guess i can tell

that at 5:17 on a sunday morning

my heart is moaning

and my thoughts are groaning

that, i think im falling

its quite appaling



to think



lets fly…

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