hematitehearts: Barite Locality:  Maine Mine, Cordesse, Lucenay-l’Evêque, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy, France.

Reasons to be vegan

compassiondaily: Not only does veganism reduce the risk of heart disease, it also gives people telekinetic powers to talk to animals. They say that they don’t like being eaten.  

Turn your handwriting into a font

traumbelrum: ringo-obsession: I discovered this by accident and I thought it was really funny and cute:   1. Download the template from MyScriptFont website 2. Write out the alphabet and numbers in your style, using a black marker (felt pen). This is mine: 3. Scan the template 4. Upload to the MyScriptFont website, name it,…

Spanking tips

subphilth: Not sure where I saw it but someone was looking for some noise control on their impact play 💚