Kendrick KJ Johnson




“His name is Kendrick Kj Johnson he was beaten to death at his High School here in Valdosta Ga the police is covering up his story by saying there was no foul play but clearly you can see its a lie. They have yet to give the Johnson/Tooley family any answers. Im only asking for a minute of your time to plz share his story we need all the support we can get. Please support the Kendrick Kj Johnson movement.”

To everyone following my blog, please share this information! Time has repeated itself and repeated the Emmett Till Case all over again.  The Valdosta Police are trying to say that he climbed on top of  an upright tumbling mat, fell into it upside down and died… He went missing during one of his classes and was found the next day like what you see above. The police would not let the family identify the body upon finding KJ’s body…. Now I don’t know about you but no one would be that bloated and disfigured after 24hrs stuck in a tumbling mat.  

Below you will find a link to a compilation of News articles involving his death and a petition go get the federal government involved in solving his murder.

This Family deserves answers, prayers, and Justice! Please Share and get our communities involved!!!

Guys please read this and sign the petition. It’s going on in the city I live in and needs more recognition!!!

(229) 245-5270 this is the Valdosta police dept number how about all of us call and see what’s going on and demand justice! Also he is another article that raises some great questions.

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