Some see this and feel confused, overwhelmed, out of touch, and even enraged

I see this and my stomach flutters

My brain zings

and a grin naturally flutters to my lips



The beautiful option to say yea to everything one is

To be unbounded potential from birth

To see life as a mosaic of personage

When I was a little human, I sat in meditation with my creator and I asked, if there were a being that was not woman or man, what would they be? I pictured a third gender , and my head ached for concepts I could not yet fully touch. I pictured dolphins, my favorite animal, and a dolphin that was neither boy nor girl nor encompassed by characteristics of either.. yet not lacking similarity …Something beyond what we’ve been taught to be plausible, predictable..

I thought this must be what the creator must be, to create something outside of themselves… that they contain us all.. and I asked how to be whole,

I was told to just be… this photo this time these choices.. this is true love ❤️


I am neither, and I’m grateful to lift the weight of choosing off of my shoulders. I am the I am that I am.


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