Value is inherent

In order for something to be of value, truly, it must exist separate from any perception of its possible value.


Because value is innate , anything with “perceived” value can be reduced to having no value, when value is conflated with quantifiable/perceivable things, by those who perceive.

Why? because perception is not static,it changes from individual to individual. In fact, this flawed value that people discuss cannot be inherent BECAUSE of its changing in value from

Person to person

Experience to experience

Thus then you must ask, when doubting self, why do you see a baby as valuable, I.e precious?

It has amassed no degrees

Sang no sonnets

Obtained no technical skill

Yet they change worlds



They are entire expressions of potential amassed in a being who has existed for seconds

And yet you look at yourself and strive to achieve value

Never knowing that your value itself IS inherent

Cannot be reversed rejected retracted or denounced

You are the pronouncement of an ecstatic expression of being real…whatever that is

Never let your value be reduced to skill.

-Ama Rose 🌹

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