A free style.

If I could love you anymore

You’d probably be inside of me

A stitching to this entity, letting me ,live.

Not with permission ,but lack of aggression towards my mission

Misses, Mister and the lady sittin on the bleachers…let me know what I can do to cure your form,you’re so potent

Sweet, baby .. driving me crazy with your vision ..permission please to count your degrees

What’s your sign and can I add your numbers, to mine…maybe we’ll match up and grass dusts


In frequency frequently ,I give to you and vibe too


What can I do without a cash drawer

I can love you til you want more

Feed you elixir of the soul and take you on trips to the astral plane



Drive me crazy when you’re sitting still walking close and groove

When can I see you

maybe you can

Tie me to your bed post

love on my knots ,loosen my ties tighten my toes and tell me I’m yours


I’m mine

But submission pooled glee doesn’t flee when you’re next to me…

So let’s go.


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