I’ve been


Bed less,penniless

Sleeping on couches

But regrets less

I’d rather sleep under trees than your admonishing gaze

On rocks and debris than continue to let you kick me.

And with crazy stories than to keep on forgoing my life

So don’t feel sorry for me

Be sorry for the girl I was

And be happy for me.

And be happy I’m free.

I’ve been,abundant with all the things that be rising with the energy of sunlight.

I became the dawn breeze and the dew.

When I look inside I see you, me

eternity intermingled and usurping.

Sometimes I choose rhymes over rhythms while proliferating currency and I see that

Anger manifests far before it presents, it begins as

Egh I don’t like this

and persists as you insist to bite your tongue and depress


Lest I become a slave to an outward projection I began neglecting this need to feed


And a quickening began happening declaring one thing

To be the shepherd

To give into the moment

And to live in ecstasy

Making the universe my home ,my heart rhythm percussion

And discussion only

Of destruction when riding the world of dysfunction


It’s coming.

I’ve had

Less homes

Can’t find a penny, too rich

Sleeping on couches , cause I fell asleep in my mansion B**,

chose this

regrets less

Now I’m,rich miss

Cloud this

Eternal life.


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