I never touched him.

Conversation flowed into dark and dank passageways

I held the flash light and as

time passed,guilt clashed and clustered inside.


No matter how much you justify,

deception’s thronged, queued, and prolonged inside your gut,telling you… something’s wrong.

We were just talking, I insisted,but when the mist cleared..we did dish and attraction cannot be denied,

Nor dismissed.

You were like a meal I couldn’t have, an advertisement winking late at night…drew me swiftly in and left me transfixed,

But your for sale sign was spam.

Every once in a min she left you on rent,and I spent a week in your guest room.

You looked at me as if ecstasy rained from my pores onto your doorstep, and when I tripped you slipped into my paintings.

Haunting,the screams swatched across the canvas , eagle splayed legs of an easel easily dismembered upon this distrust of myself,


But reason begs and pleads

And a devil of cartoon fame waves at me from the back of a truck as I crossed the borders line.

Suddenly,love fills the air.

A crime.

Was it wrong to entertain a thought when my initial descent was innocent?

I flirted and flipped when my understanding was gipped

When the timing isn’t right, do you fight the friendship?

It’s not friendship when I’m left clipped of understanding .. wings dipped in concrete and rose grown from the same street.

Self set free see, it’s…

better to be alone than an accomplice in your deception.

I agreed to transparency but you and you agreed differently… and nobody told me

Miss me with the frivolity and stop lying to your lady


I’ll be vapor,happily


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