I made the mistake of staying too long, and now its too late

and Its like when you bake a cake in a lake and its all gone because the ducks got it on



you’ll have babies by a maybe and say lazy things like, hey he, was always there for me

while holding me to the bed post long saying



hold me please

and every souls crying for souls to freeze and


their eyes are green and leaking with no allergies

and I

just wanted you to see me

but you..are wearing bifocals focused on egoic vision in a prism I cant exist in and I

keep resisting truth

for another dose in your booth

my sweet tooth

is rotting, and I’m refusing healing


cause I’m besotted.

can I be with you?


and still

You cant see me..standing here waiting.

For you.


Ill keep walking and talking and flaunting

finding myself and no longer faulting. I’m, vaulting on the pommel ties and existing in a world with no more lies and



my baby boo

all of you

Hope loves the water washing mothers and children clashing but resisting resistance. Persistence in osmosis and merging with your hypnosis

You can see me now

in the distance.

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