adventuring ama

A Short Story

Here I am I kept telling life.

The chuckle that came my way only further proved one thing.

I was definitely hearing things.

A knock on the back door curled my brow in confusion…..

Who would be at the back door this late?

As I began to creep slowly towards it, my eyes slid towards something my mind had not yet recognized….

a face in the window.

I screamed and ran up the stairs as the knocking on my back door continued.

Who was that?! I thought frantically, my sister and I were similar but this girl had my features…  My smile, the dimple in my left cheek… Even the mole above my right eye.

I looked around and noticed that the whole room was shaking, I looked down at my hands and noticed that they were shaking too..

Not too long after I realized that I was the one that was shaking…not the room.

I began to take some deep breaths. This was my house, nobody was coming in here to mess with what I had going on without me saying something about it. I took another deep breath, hoping that my pep talk would be enough.. Grabbed my trusty pink bat and ran down the stairs.

The house was eerily quiet.

I crept slowly towards the back door, bat raised, brow furrowed, will made of steel.

My eyes zoomed in on the door knob, watching for any movement from the heavy wooden door. With each carefully placed step the floor squeaked incessantly. Finally, I reached the door…standing slightly away , I slowly turned the steel door knob and then..

There waiting outside

Was me.

We embraced


(Original Writing 6/3/2017)

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