Interstellar lover

“How does it feel?”

She asked, strains of the song playing in the background of her mind as her lover gazed into her brown eyes

“Like raindrops splashing gold into my atmosphere with every shudder”

She stared at him, lovingly shocked by his candid platitude.

She garnered up the strength to ask next, “and so, what does that mean to you?”

“Nothing, and everything, you are magical Goddess, and I am happy to be wrapped in your loving warm embrace”

Her eyes rolled back as her breath quickened.

A bead of sweat began to make its way down her body, highlighting every golden silky curve…

His hands gently traced the path, dancing lithely with the trails direction, shocking her skin and pin pricking her mind with excitement of the unknowing. Never knowing where he would venture next, she found her mind lost in a maze of time.

The seconds wrapped into hours as their conversations turned into soliloquies on why the universe brought them together

Black love gets mentioned as they’re talking and he stops her once again


I have loved you since the creator taught us to mold our bodies from clay, since the first particle of air met thought and created desire, I have desired you

Since the first hand had fingers I have held you in my spirit, hoping and wishing for your happiness

I have cherished you since the first breath of the universe, and I will until its infinite play with endings game becomes new again, and then forever once more

I love you, and there is no dimension I will not find you in,


She gasped again.



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