The Brooklyn way

Something I want to acknowledge is the energy we are putting out into the universe. 


The things we say: to ourselves, and to each other, and  the things we are constantly thinking, are very important to observe. 

These words, expressions, and feelings,  shape our reality. 

How can we know exactly what is coming next?

 Do we even know what this is? 

 We are floating along with the understandings as they are first given to us, and the feelings that are ever present. Often times emotion is divulged on a reaction kind of basis.
There is something greater out there. Greater than is extremely unconventional. 

My thinking finds me at avenues where I do not have the words, and a feeling of exhaustion in some senses to even explain.

 Why am I explaining?

 What is it that I am looking for other than this moment? 

To be in perfect peace is to loose the ideas that we’ve decided about what it is supposed to be, how things are supposed to be working out… 

Ultimately, we decide, in every moment, how we feel about that moment.

 I was thinking recently about how I existed as a child, and wondering at what point does one stop growing and showing age? 

What causes this change?

The desire to be one thing? 

Definable? As a child If I was angry, in that moment, I was. 

Perhaps I threw a fit, and then like that, I moved on, you were my friend again. 

There was no begrudging or judgment. 

Hitting you may be only in action to you hitting me. 

As we grow older however we begin to create conditions.

 We begin to live for the things we have decided will bring us happiness, instead of finding it in any and every thing:

, a breeze, sneeze, or a new and interesting word.

 The innocence of a child is also the honesty. They come to you with everything bared and nothing swallowed. 

Only when we, the adults, put conditions into their midst do we/they start feeling the weight of those titles,of being a girl, a child, a boy, a man.

 Having sex,or not, A race. 

What that means is,we begin defining ourselves by a status, “A history of”

Children are notorious for randomly changing ideas and tastes. No longer wanting to do this thing and instead another, and this is seen as commonplace.
 An adult who does this is in the clouds, lazy, uncommitted. 


 I know many people who as children, were put into the “roles” of adult hood, and executed those duties with near, if not absolute, perfection. Daughters made into wives for absent mothers and mothers made into fathers for little boys. 

Its a game that we play, we assign ourselves roles and then begin to act in them. 

Maybe we have a traumatic or enlightening experience, the new role is justified. We announce our trauma,or evolution. We declare that we will be a different being, more of this and less of that, and we begin acting into this role.

 Never mind the subtle callings and inclinations of something different, 


This is our decision, we are this, and if we change now, no one is going to believe this thing about us anymore. 

Now we are lying to ourselves. 

Now we are accepting things and assuming things about the people surrounding us. 

We feel alone and persecuted without anyone ever uttering a word. And when we do speak, if they don’t understand, we decide we never should have, and take a stand of solitude, lone understanding, and sadness. 

Now we are putting sadness into the atmosphere, feeding it to the universe, and thinking, that we are all alone. 

Never think its just you, your energy is connected to every being, and there is no such thing as a coincidence.

  They can feel you just like you can feel them. That initial feeling in the morning of slight disturbance, and the after effects of defining ourselves, picking our poison, happens to us all. 

It is really easy to decide that you are not effecting anyone by what you are talking and thinking about, but you are.

 I personally make a conscious decision in every moment to think again.

 I feel the energy, I see the viral videos being spread and talked about. The corruption, and the sadness, but I also see flowers blooming, and love still abundant in the newest and oldest lovers gaze.

 I still see sunshine, even as the golden lining in a cloud, and I’m extremely happy to know each and every one of you that is still breathing and maybe is not. 

I am so glad to know that all things exist. That the Universe is breathing into us again and again,reminding us of each moment , reminding us that we can think AGAIN, and think peace, spread love, and since I’m in New York I’ll say, 

Hey…Its the Brooklyn Way.
-Ama Rose

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