Your perfect you

There’s this phrase that’s used a lot: “Nobody’s perfect”, 

and just a moment ago I went to pat myself on the back with it. In that moment I experienced a mental/spiritual gut punch of ‘Think again’. 

We are all in different stages of Absolute Perfection. I am perfect, and so are you. The terms bad and good, best and worst tend to unknowingly (or knowingly) admonish someone who’s ” doing bad ” while glorifying the other. I felt exactly how detrimental this mentality is to my own, and I’m sure others, thinking.  By continually striving for this perfection, that I’d come to believe I was not yet, I lived in a state of perpetual tomorowness. Not living for today and essentially living for the future while existing in the now, or even the past. 

When I looked back on my days , they were full of work, obligations, and little to no fun. Is this what a happy quest to perfection looks like? Hard work pays off, however I choose to believe that the brunt and core of that hard work lies in establishing the true essence of your perfect self, and fine tuning that perpetual state of perfection. You are perfect,always. Believe that, be that. Just be you . I love you. :*

-Ama Rose

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