Getting in touch

You turn people into a monetary unit when you stop simply enjoying them, and instead begin to see only how they can cure your loneliness. The person them self ceases to hold their own full value, as the dollar is no longer backed by gold, this person who you claim to have love for only becomes a means to get something you want.

An interesting example is with masturbation. In sex it is often talked about that a particular person didn’t satisfy another enough, ‘put it down’, when in reality, the love and affection we look for in another must first be given by self. The adage of how can someone know how to please you, when you cannot even please yourself comes to mind.

Essentially I am saying that in love and relationships, I strive to find ultimately an intimate connection with myself, and in this way when I am engaging with others, I have the mental and emotional space to truly get to know another without the clouding of need and expectation. If I can do everything I feel that I need for myself, then the love I cherish and foster in others can be infinitely un diluted.

Happy Masturbation Month

-Ama Rose

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