Cardiac A-Tale


Let me

reach inside you

pull out your lungs and breathe for you

teach your nerves to dance, and give your heart a chance

to beat for me,

Playgrounds become battle arenas as dance ministries take part in evocation of the live, Battle fields become sitcoms ,plundering life into the ground with the sounds of egos clashing.

let me see for you, take you pupils and dilate your dialect,

focus on the spells , when you say bless you do you mean to wish upon th/godthatisntseen/e dullness of my gleam

Salud and find me preening health into the atmosphere,

each one lift one,

and we have wealth.

I gave up my platitudes of being grand and being new,

Be you and find me dancing/

be not, no happy prancing.

Just a glancing lynching of your creativity

feelings leaped and didn’t fall, passed humpty dumpty and beat em all


into perfection you can finally see that I, your intuition was leading in thee.

Let me

be your dancer

swirling and free

and we shall see disaster, and the beauty in thee.

Get Physical



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