Jolted out of destruction a final construction recollected into a masterpiece of juxtaposed sound.

We get perpendicular and in the weeks following afterwards my mind makes parallelograms out of rays..

I say everything’s okay while jumping wildly to conclusions, confusing reason into restitution and feeling lost.

Then I talk to the sun Ra boss and feel a gloss come out of this dulled fabric.

Reality takes on an entwined effect as I neglect to recollect on lackluster math

adding up my gratitude’s until a final equation of happy platitudes becomes my only function.

And I’m raising only energetically,to God speak above.

Burst through my synergy I can never go off course,

Thank you for the energy fibrillating through my chest, singing yes to mother Nut and dancing within Father Geb.

I can only be with thee, and so I bow my head.

Give thankhs.


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