Sometimes sense is lost in senseless repayment of debts never bought

lotted in a plot that schemes vexed into quitting
I netted a bank and left everything hanging so
maybe persecution lies in wait for those times fated for you to negate self
to lose the heart of you in the pit of doom
to pull yourself out and find strength in the broken things
beauty in cracked streets..
Walls hug instead of closing in and I grin at my friend who frowns
we are all reflections of a greater within, that by adding our collective differnces we find a dividend we can multiply.
Together we represent a greater whole whose goal must first be accomplished by sealing our holes
have never been represented by the strength or weakness you’ve witnessed
only tested in your willingness to be the absolute zero of your perfection.
 Never neglecting truth, in this we find the necessitated ability to be fine. To smile lightly at all kind, animal, mineral and ether alike.
life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, without rain we’d find pain in the eternal sunshine
we’d curse at the moon for forgetting us
and scold the clouds just the same
see now take all of me, I will still remain in the sunshine as it rains down between us
holding us close through timelines
I feel you smiling when the wind blows
leaves scatter and I hear laughter
and as the water laps against the bridge…I hear sonnets playing in the waves
oh this Earth she, reminds me of the ecstasy in just being. Shows me the divots as they grow character on the bark of wisdom.
 I feel home in the ecstasy of just being
not trying
not willing
Just…. being.

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