Being Poly Brings Me Peace

There is just something wonderful about not having to choose who I love.

My heart has always been so big. Full of love for those people who due to time and circumstance, were no longer in my life. Perhaps I had found a new love in the time that we were not together, and now suddenly I must choose whether or not to stay with the love I currently am with, or to be with someone who I also have experienced,or may be feeling the potential of romantic love for.

As I grew into adulthood , I watched people break up and make up all due to the creation of an interest in someone other than the person that they were already interested in, and it didn’t make sense.

To me there had to be some other species of being that understood that loving more than one person intimately wasn’t wrong, and therefore, we can have complete and total love for more than one person. I feel this, I always have, and I always will.

The jealousies and things that come up are simply a hankering for a deeper conversation and understanding of what life and love are for the individual and the collective.

For me, it simply makes sense,because I believe that ultimately our destinies are all the same: To find complete union with the source of our being. That we are all one.

That we will find happiness and joy because we come from that.

What else can create life but love?

And so, our dest

inies are always finding their way there, however , the path in which we choose to get there is ultimately up to us.

We can choose to not live our dreams, and instead do that which serves others until we can be the “grandpa/ma who just doesn’t care” ,or we can be carefree in our day to day and live our happiness/connection with the universe/creator now. Living in the eternal now and smiling at the ecstasy of all that is creation, and being.

There are many things in this world that we as a people have the job to try and make better. The allowing and or policing of who someone other than ourselves loves is not one of them, it only needs acceptance. In this way, you are able to give of your full self in each moment, no longer being dragged around by the non acceptance in side of you.

Being poly brings me peace because I no longer have to choose who and when I love,

I just do.♥

~Ama Rose

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