“The glint in her eye”

“She was beautiful,the way daffodils spread their arms in praise to her sun kissed skin”

Attraction is far beyond the vision that you’re seeing,

It is the curve in your spine on every interlude in THEIR being.

It is something beyond the simple attraction of seeing.

20 beyond the yard line I saw a twenty, she was fine sitting good, like a dime piece, she’s, plenty! But as we dined and rhymed on the attractions, we’d may find I found that I couldn’t believe how



my soul was being it..stopped.
And became curious you see, sitting on this bench it’s kinda pretty

the way the, birds fly
and the
sky’s high,
you feel the unpredicted truthful being of me.

Being free is interlude

so you begin all in the nude

but as the conversation creeps your insecurities they leap and you, forget everything and it seem as tho you know nothing of who you said you would be
and you were a true instruction guide on how it means to be WE see,

I am giving into life’s wooden fixtures, so the bench it didn’t phase me, sitting back, living high, lookin quiet now, lazy.

I felt the winds phase me and the syllables of the winds creatures giving me phrases, and yet,

you think I’m crazy,

living and aware ,me,? give me something… Crazy.

Hmm how could that be, I am a crescent i am L (oi/) ving the phases that gods mystical plan the universe gave a peek to see see,

I am a god, and my thoughts are something given straight from an incognito because they’s JUST too fly to be, ANYTHING I CAN UNDERSTAND, tho, it is me, g, living and given into,expression giving in true succession…

a leaf flew by. And I let my eye travel upon the intricate veins in that leafs pretty spine, giving rhyme into understanding, I looked.. And my favorite mystical dream was walking by.

I got up.

~Ama Dorsey

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