Searching .

“@JonahEdwards1: I fear that I acted selfishly and hurt someone out of fear of being hurt myself”
The sweetest stealth impairs my breadth.
Who am I to be cherished again
Swept limb to limb from the breath of my disaster the sweetest clatter of revenge
Tell me
Who am I to be a gem.
God give me and I go within
searching in earnest for the sweetness living in
And I
Sweep through my attitudes
Throw adventure into the wind
And then
I find my self reckless
Hoping and desperate
Desolately searching the anger and selfish needs of my soul
I always pray
god, give me the mold!
Show me how to honor you and maybe I won’t scold my every thought
In spite of you…
Never failing to give me a way through and so I wonder
Am I Hurting you, by hurting me
Could it be that this pull of iniquity
These tests of who I am
And choose
Only a tightening on the noose of absolution that craves staves and slaves on my being
Teaching descent.
Sit still and know that you are not Meant for this gift
You? How could you and the proof is not sold
“And yet!, my soul screams
Without you, I’d be cold
Cradled and void
Searching for something to call on…to hold
So I choke, on these breaths
And my thoughts cry unrest and I wonder
Oh God
Is it this you resent
And figured through inter vent.
I wonder…am I hurting you yet?
Or,do I circumvent this question, and in this second relent to
Your scent
Or data encrypt.
Find something to give your sorrow
And you will then seek.
Give something and your soul,will find it’s not meek
Live gravelly, and maybe, your destiny you will never meet
But Give Boldly
And I swear
Only findings,will you seek.
And in this,you are

~Ama Dorsey

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