Beauty pt2

In everything
Religious texts
Seconds of unrest and doubts of what’s best we always wonder
What’s next?
Is it all a test? A game? Something less?
Or perhaps more as I abhor the sunlight
Wishing for the sunset so I can light…up
And float through
Define me
Perhaps I’ll see you
You see
I’m searching of this definition of who I should be
But I see now
I wish to be everything
The flowers as they bloom,the sky in its gloom
Tear drops down a sacred face,blending beauty,life,and fate
Oh and fate
What is that but a plate of nothing less and nothing more?
Nothing’s gained so what’s in store?
Certainly not this aching
For its peace that we’re searching for
And yet
To think that peace is in wishing no more
Feeling and living without a single thought past now
Feel the fear of living fearlessly
Isn’t it exciting?
Drama dreams and goals
As life simply unfolds
It goes on and continues in it’s chaotic lack of form
Timeless formless shapeless
Everything,is everything.



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