Let me try this…….

I sit here with my playful imagination

…Daydreams about our..

dating schemes

the recognition of aptitude amplified my mood

but you stood in the distance calculating my views


Is what I ask for.

Who I am and who I’ll always be

the tropics of the cancerous vessel thats in me

Of love and affection

all of you is for me so I flee when you tell me when for you i

need to bring thee

so I turn a lyrical disaster in to the plaster within

with him?

my pastor he told me about sin

and I asked him, but father

what about guaranteed tuition into the great mans plan

I have a vision that we’ll all be one and true

God’s children like your mothers are all equal of zin,

mode of discovery, recovery of the heart

It was apeaceful disaster

of Gods great creation that Gave you a start.

I know I don’t seem nice

I’m quiet, shadowy and I elude strategy so I am of ten misunderstood

but don’t be news scripted into believing that the misunderstood one is not you..


I could go on and on with this lyrical poem

a free write

a rap

something new that I’m brewin

I think I’ll stop here, but don’t fear

I’ll be back with somethin new for ya soon

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