June 11th

The main people who are socially defined as “important” & “always supposed to be there for you” generally aren’t.

Today, I learned to stop expecting things of people, and instead appreciate the abundant blessings that I DO have.

The loving and caring beauty that is a lover who has no obligation, and yet loves you more than those who do.

Love is something we grow into, and grow with, and if someone sees your growth as a bad thing, something to be condemned, that person not only doesn’t love you, but they also haven’t learned to love themselves.

I love myself enough to love you, and that is something I can say without fear because fear and love are opposites and therefore no longer attempt to reside simultaneously in my heart. I choose love above all and I defeat all fear in the name of my first love,God.

I love you God and through you,I allow myself to love others

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