I miss you pop

you were the father who listened to everything I had to say, who knew my heart and always listened.

you never doubted me and you had such high dreams for my life.

before I even knew that this was a hard world to live in,you taught me that I could do anything, and then you left and tested my strength but I won’t give up Pop

I’ve been so sad for so long but i’m letting you go today Joseph Sr.

You loved me so unconditionally and I love you the same and today I release you

I can do it, and I will always miss your laugh and your encouraging smile but God taught me that in him I will always have you

wherever you have ever been loved,God was in it, through it and the cause of it, I love you Pop and today my heart wants to enfold you in its ecstatic grief. I love you Joseph Dorsey Sr.

If a man like you can believe in me, then why can’t I?


I love you!!!

and I won’t let you down!

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