Stripped Of.

I made the decision to stop stripping today

Ya know

It really wasn’t worth it

All the tears in my inhibitions

Realizing reason has no season for interludes in decisions

So yea..I made that concession

Obeying my will as it attempted to kill these demons that tore at me

Begging for a touch, a feel…more of…you.

Stop…killing me

I made the decision to stop stripping today…

So when will you stop stripping me?

When will you listen to the words I speak when intentions of meekness turn into words yelled into speech?

When will you greet me with the love of a new day instead of consultations on yesterdays shortcoming

When will you stop stripping me of my hopes and dreams and the confidence these things inherently bring

When will you start loving me more than you love your own brain for If you loved another as much as you loved yourself you would understand that in this life long journey, eventually we figure out a few things about ourselves, and the things that quell our inhibitions

The things that yell for resolutions

I stopped stripping today….

You kept ripping today

When will you listen?

-Ama Dorsey 11.5.12 5:18PM/AM

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