Syncopated Mean

Understand my philosophy

At times when the justice of time presents to me someone of your kind

I must wait

Take a second to appreciate the venom that pours from your pores you see you create in me this feeling


Sweet as it creeps

Infecting your mind, causing friction in your spine as you stand alert

Waiting for this hurt

Ing gratitude expressed on my pillows as you rest

Fantasizing about second best only so you can take another peak and remember who won this race..

Ha …let me feast………..

On your, inhibitions

Rarely placed positions

See baby… you resemble what I’ve been missin

So maybe just maybe

You’re my decision.

In the future’s precipice

If I may fall

Its in your alter that I’ll never falter

But I can dream.

Perhaps if your mind has averaged the mean, explained my syncopation

Felt this coursing through your veins

Then you feel the heat of heavens predetermined

Meeting of our feet

Walk on by

I’ll knock you in a beat….


(Did you feel the heat?)


-Ama Dorsey 11/12 

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