Untitled, Didn’t feel this way long enough to find one..

You can never say I don’t love you

My heart weeps as you walk away but what can I say?

In my presence is a place where you’d rather not stay, so why even let a whisper of breath escape in hopes of a better day?

Dreaming of the future..a day when my heart won’t weep in misery, where no more pain can reach me

Where the cold has encased me

Where I’m made mold

Here lies ama

Quiet and bereft

She tried to explain to you fuck niggas

But the pain in her you left.

Your heartache

Your struggle

Mine Back in my system

Back in the back

Back back back

Y’all niggas could cause a heartache

Begging me for a life that isn’t wack when in fact when I gave you everything it was your solution that caused this inaccuracy

You made us intact

Don’t blame me for the way you act YOU’RE grown

Believe that

Not my fucking problem if your heart starts to throbbin

If you decide to miss me, think back to the day that you dissed me

And fuck off.

-For the broken hearted, keep ya head up


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