There’s this feeling inside me

Turning me molten, melting and disintegrating


A relationship may quell the fire

But in all things prior to this meeting

And in all words that are emancipated for greeting

This is dire

Your lips upon mine as we wind and we grind and I commence to blow your mind

Don’t you find it sublime that in the midst of all this calm..wildfire burns

And my body, how it yearns…for your touch

The soft white petals of a new days bloom do not compare to the fragility of my soul as it trembles, untouched by this heat, unable to cope with these feelings you invoke

With just one touch I commence to soak

Through the interruptions of our past

The perceptions we seem to grasp as we stare upon someone with as much undetermined excellence as ourselves

..when will this quell?

The incessant yelling of this humble dwelling, residence taken up in the wells of my walls,

…..I think I’m going through withdrawals



This feeling unlike any other

Lust in its functions can confuse the mind

yet the body always knows…


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