My biggest pet peave is how people end relationships.

So here is a guide to what NOT to do- sorely needed


When you get out of a relationship PLEASE DONT

*Act like it never meant anything

*Treat that person like shit (unless they did something really bad)

Naw…I take that back, be mature

*Say you want to be friends, then act like a jerk

(If you ask to be a friend actually BE a friend cause when you “decide you can’t be friends” it’s like ANOTHER breakup, think about it…*you weren’t good enough to be in a relationship annnnd now that I think about it….you’re not even good enough to be a friend* – OUCH)

*Say that you’re the strong one for leaving

(Even if its true, may I repeat OUCH, so now I’m weak too?)

*Tweet about how you’re “Single and ready to mingle” 2 weeks after the breakup

*Walk around telling people that the break up didn’t even phase you

-If you tell someone that your last relationship “wasn’t shit and neither were they” you are an ASS HOLE plain and simple

Think of how much you’re hurting that person who really cared and probably STILL cares for you

Think about how YOU would feel if you not only got broken up with, but to add on to that, now “you weren’t even worth it” or “you were a waste of time”

For Example

“So much time Invested and wasted” – Was actually said about me


That shit cuts deeper than you would believe

Nobody gets into a relationship to get hurt

Breakups hurt enough without the added pain of being treated like a mistake.

Watch what you say, as the person who did the breaking up, you have made yourself into the one person whose words hurt the most, at least for this time

Just Chill!!

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