Fuck Easy!

The problem with this world is that people are constantly looking for whats easy.

If you know anything about real life you know one thing: That the most important things in life never come easy.

If a girl is labeled “easy” she’s not desired.

If a test is known to be easy, less effort is put into preparations.

If birth were easy the entire sanctity of motherhood would be null in void.

If life were easy we would cherish it even less than many of us do already.

No one truly wants what’s easy. There is no TRUE success in the things that come to us with little or no effort. Success and happiness only come after we give it our all.

So the next time you give up on something because its “Hard” remember this silly, but accurate, analogy. Think of sex, things have to get hard before they can feel good, but isnt the ending (the climax) utterly worth it? Hard is a good thing that leads to undeniable pleasure in the end, Don’t run from it.

(IDK about Y’ALL but I don’t want NOTHIN soft tryna change MY life lol)


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