Being me isn’t easy, I should know.

The first step is acceptance, so i accepted who i was. Little did I know that the second step was finding out that nearly every friend I had was only happy with the me who was silent, never feeling, never outshining. I was sad, hurt, depressed even, and to say that I’m not still all of these emotions would be a lie. However my mother told me something that truly stuck with me. she taught me that if I manage to better myself, to be the me I was meant to be, I should expect to lose some people.

 Yea it sucks, but why would you want to be surrounded by people who only loved the weaker less confident and much less happy you? I don’t So at the risk of being myself, at the risk of being happy i’d appreciate if all those who want to hold me down, to kindly, fuck off. Thanks 🙂

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