Modern Family

What is family?

Family’s are defined as a mother and a father, and their children. It is understood that those people will do anything for you, no matter what, and even when they hurt you, even when things aren’t easy, they are the only people that you can always count on.

Well, I no longer define a family as having to be biologically combined. A mere combination of sperm and egg and DNA even doesn’t equal a true family. Just because someone is biologically your sister, doesn’t mean that they wont do whatever they can to tear your heart, self esteem, courage, and happiness to shreds. 

Don’t be fooled, I love my family with every ounce of my being, I would do anything for them, be there for anything they need, but every bit of information pertaining to what one should do when facing crisis says to take care of self FIRST.

so, I love you, but I won’t let you make me feel like shit just because you feel like it. I deserve better, and I’m DONE sitting around HOPING that you’ll see the light and remember that I’m your sister, and words, and actions DO HURT.

I have friends that God sent me to cope with the absence of sisterly love, and I will not take for granted the kindness that I am blessed to receive.

I’m done, hoping and wishing for biology to take its course on your heart…but I’m not done praying because a family that prays together stays together right?

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