Thoughts I’m thinking

April 19,2021

I am very grateful for the lockdown in some senses.

Prior to I was miserable and working a job that was draining my spirit. Lockdown has not been fun, but it is a welcome reprieve from the rat race.

in the midst of this time, I’ve come to terms with a truth. I cannot and should not be inclined to work through sadness, depression, anxiety,etc. Working a job just to make enough money to not be miserable because im hungry even though that job makes me feel sad as well. It was a never ending oroborous that I wanted off of. I can’t say that I have come to a conclusion on how things will work out moving forward, but I know that I cannot continue living and working and doing anything that doesn’t serve me. I know that humans were not brought,put, or born onto this earth to work pointless jobs towards an end that so many both dread and look forward to.

The idea of waiting and looking forward to retirement rather than my every day life is, saddening, sickening, defunct. In this day and age many if not most of the primary jobs for survival can be automated, so why do we still do things that don’t bring us joy? Why isn’t a living stipend the natural progression?

I realize that many people fear that without the drive to make income the world and individuals within it would descend into chaos, but honestly, I don’t agree.

Most chaos (excusing for this conversation the natural chaos of the universe) is predicated by the need for survival, and the system we live in creates this need for survival unnecessarily by putting the resources in the hands of a few to dole out to the many.

It is insidious, has been insidious, and will continue to be until it comes to an end. The systems that we put in place can be implemented to benefit those in society with disabilities so that they may live on par with others in society, but to continue to live as if we cannot grow and pick food, collect water if we choose to ,

is ridiculous


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