Like a splinter I never wanna get out

it’s nagging me to

Get out

Do a roundabout and escape doubt by plowing through fields of faux foes

Can you prance?

Or do you dance with confidence because life’s in your midst

And do you gasp? As others rasp,

choking on comfort and habits

Missing moments in this moment

I’ve spoken in silence and shaken my core into res isles since the camera display stopped working

Back tracked to Instax and now

I find snapshots in living

Forgiving self for years spent un health y (broken prisms)

And we keep skating past sadness laughing and pointing

Youuuu can’t get me! youuuu can’t get me!

Because I have absorbed the pain,accepted and deplored it to tell me where it came ,from

And it did.

Insane like mad in a linguistic game

We’re the same.

So now I know what I’ll always know and that for sure

Is me.



-Be free


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