Dear ones:
Come closer.
Huddle even closer, and share your selves with me.

Your loneliness tells me that you have left a part of you behind,
sent it to the corner.
Punishing an aspect of your soul for being just what it is:
A creature that is as beautiful as it is ugly,
lovely as it is terrifying,
light as it is dark.

So come even closer.
There is enough space within me for all of your parts,
Come as you are.

Share Truth:
bodily sensations,
instincts and impulses,
feelings of anger and sorrow,
obsessive and compulsive thoughts,
your layered voices emanating from the inner ether,
your heart’s whispers.

Share elation:
gyrating hips,
hair whipping wild,
flowing arms and stomping feet.

Dance with me.
Feel the pulse of the music,
Feel your own unique pulsation,
that echoes into the silence.

Your heart drumming,
chanting you onwards,
to stomp heavier.

Dance with maya,
The great illusionist.
Weaving and circling inwards,
and spiraling outwards.

Dance the soul out of the dark.

There are no wrong steps.
There are no wrong steps.

What you are seeking is also seeking you.



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